Pinterest is widely recognised for its ability to drive a tremendous amount of traffic to your website and as the rising star of social media platforms in 2016, it would reckless to miss out. Hubspot have recently jumped on the Pinterest bang-wagon and already have shown transparency by admitting Pinterest drives the most referral traffic, more than Google +!

Add to the mix that Pinterest has in excess of 100 million ACTIVE users a month, is ranked the second most important social media site AND 99% of pinners shopped on Pinterest in the last 6 months, I think we can start to see a strong contender for the number 1 spot in 2016.

But how can Pinterest help small businesses? Let’s take a look below.

Verification of your brand

Following in the footsteps of the notorious ‘Blue Ticks’ on Twitter, verification is a vital step for establishing trust in your brand and Pinterest followed suit. The great thing about verification is your website will also be displayed at the top of all your boards, adding to the prospect of customer engagement. Just click Rich Pins in particular are great for pulling metadata from your website and increasing engagement. With 70% more viewers using Pinterest for inspiration over just 17% of Facebook users, it’s important we make the best use of descriptive Rich Pins and Hashtags to target these viewers.

The About Section

Your about section can show up in search engines so we need to get this right. You have a 200 character limit so be concise and include a few keywords. Don’t forget to add the link to your website here too. Do you need some inspiration on creating a fantastic ‘About’ Section? Click here!

The Perfect Pin

The anatomy of a great pin includes a high quality image about 736 pixels wide, preferably light in colour and with an added call to action. Canva is my go to for creating pins with added content . It also includes a pin template and is free to use so get on board before you need to start registering for this service!

Do you need help to create a Pinterest account for your small business? Would you like one of our experienced social media executives to create pins and manage your board? All on a pay as you go rate? Then get in touch with our award-winning business today and let Designated PA grow your brand!