According to Personnel Today Six in 10 employees experience workplace stress. 

And it’s no different for an Entrepreneur.  

Being an Entrepreneur is not the easy, flexible, anxiety free career that many believe it to be; in fact, it’s quite the opposite. 

If you are a business owner, you can sympathize with this statement along with the emotional uproar of the early days of starting out. 

Before any Entrepreneur makes it big, and that’s not everyone, there is a real struggle to secure capital, to develop products and ensure your message reaches prospective clients. This leads to excessive stress, often rooted in the fear of debt increasing or your venture failing. 

It’s no wonder Entrepreneurs experience chronic stress. According to research conducted by Harvard Business School; three out of four venture-backed start-ups fail, and more than 95 percent of start-ups fall short of their initial projections. 

Focus on high value tasks  

Many Entrepreneurs are experienced multitaskers. They have had to be especially in the early days. Keeping on top of cash flow, dashing from client to client, preaching to investorsmarketing productsthe list goes on…  

Successfully juggling multiple tasks at the same time without losing sight of why you started the business in the first place can be challenging.  

According to Professor David Meyer at the University of Michigan “If you want to be a creative entrepreneur, you ought to be setting aside large chunks of time where you just think,” he says. “Einstein was not multitasking when he was dreaming up the special and general theories of relativity.” 

Let us help you free up time

Don’t shy away from seeking help. It’s important to delegate well. Focus your energy on realizing your plan and building an organisation where you’re having fun. 

Designated provides a full range of flexible virtual business administration support, finance and marketing to small & medium sized businesses across the UK and Internationally. 

How Designated can help

  • Business Administration – Managing day to day processes, tasks and administration to help drive business efficiencies.
  • Travel  Overseeing complex business and personal travel arrangements.  
  • Invoicing and credit control – From sending out monthly statements to customers to chasing any outstanding debts. 
  • Cash Flow – Reporting cash flow coming in and money going out. 
  • Data entry and cleansing  CRM management to improve reporting, drive efficiencies and connect with customers.
  • Website design and management  Keeping your business looking professional and up to date. We build websites from scratch or maintain them on your behalf.
  • Social Media ManagementSet up and daily management of Social Media channels, content creation and targeting. 

Benefits of doing less and delegating more 

  • Reduced stress 
  • Focus on high-value priorities that drive growth 
  • Increased Productivity 
  • Availability to network with peers and prospects 
  • Spending more time with loved ones 
  • Time to exercise and keep fit 

Are you ready to let go?  

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