This week we catch up with Jodi Newton, an Events Manager working within the Designated Marketing team.   Jodi brings a wealth of events experience to our team, experience that could have sadly been lost without an opportunity for flexible working.

Jodi gives insight into the extensive scope of knowledge and assistance available and highlights the importance of having strong assistance with event planning as well as having innovative ideas.

As Thomas Edison once said “Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning”.


How long have you worked as an Events Manager?

I began my career as an Events Manager in 1996 at the New Connaught Rooms in Covent Garden, after graduating with a BA in International Hospitality Management. It was a huge, busy venue with 36 rooms for anything from 6 to 500 people – so the perfect place to learn!


What made you decide to join Designated?

The idea of being able to work in events, which I love, but on a flexible basis to fit around my family. 


Tell us about the sort of work you are currently doing

I am organising a two day conference/social event in Central London for one of our long-standing medical clients.  The event includes accommodation, meetings, lunches, dinner and social activities – so a bit of everything.   I’ve also created a website for the delegates to book their places through, as well as being a hub for all the essential event information.

Alongside that, I am working with MD Jane Braithwaite and Head of Marketing Anna Doman to ensure we keep abreast of how Digital Technology is reshaping the events industry.   We want to ensure we can offer our clients both a digital and more traditional event package.   As a part of this strategy, we are working with our partner, leading member’s club The Clubhouse London, to position ourselves as the go-to Events Management service for their members.    


…and the scope of the work you can do

 Any type of event logistics, liaising between clients and venues, creating event materials, web design, database management, post event feedback, Social Media strategy etc.


What’s your favourite event you have ever worked on?

I have two. I was lucky enough to be involved in and Events Manager for the first and second ever MOBO awards, which were held at the New Connaught Rooms before they turned into such a huge success. Lots of exciting work and celeb spotting!

And then my previous company’s 10 year anniversary party at Banqueting House for all the staff and partners. We always had a good annual party but we really went to town on this one.  I’m very proud of what I created. I even designed our own 10th anniversary hallmark to stamp on a gift set of Champagne flutes for everyone.


What should anyone look for / consider when looking to hire an Events Manager?

Someone who is both creative and organised. Having big ideas is so important.  You also need to have a handle on timescales and logistics otherwise it won’t come together on the day.


And for fun:

Who do you share your home with?

My husband, 2 children and 4 goldfish


People would be surprised if they knew….. (what about you?)

I have done a skydive and a bungee jump, both of which were amazing. Although I’d never do again!


Any advice for anyone starting out in a Virtual events role?

If you come from any kind of ‘traditional’ office-based role, prepare to feel a little unsettled in the beginning. Working from home in general is very different and takes time to get used to. The Events industry by nature is not 9-5.  It’s important to switch off properly so you still have that cut-off between work and home.


Our VA diaries series continues next week – check back next week for more insight.

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