It’s only September, and it may seem too early to be thinking about Christmas yet, but the early bird catches the worm! The earlier you get the ball rolling, the more likely you are to get the venue and party you hope for.

Many people look forward all year round to the joviality of their Christmas work event, but rarely do they consider how much time and effort goes into planning it. The person who gets delegated the task, might enjoy it initially – the novelty soon wears off as it starts to take over their work and free time.

At Designated PA we have team members with a wealth of experience in organising events. They have their fingers on London’s pulse when it comes to choosing a hot venue. Our PAs work remotely in various locations throughout England (and even Scotland); if you’re interested in a venue further afield, we can advise accordingly.

We participate according to your needs, we are extremely flexible, and our involvement will seamlessly evolve as the planning progresses. As well as locating a venue, we can help with menu planning, sourcing decorations and table wear, booking caterers and staff, sending out invitations and managing budgets.

However large or small your event, whether glamorous or low key, we would love to help you make it a success. Please get in touch and have a chat, or send us an email outlining your ideas and requirements. We look forward to hearing from you.