I for one can testify that using Google + can almost double the amount of monthly traffic you receive …. if used correctly! With over 120 million users and currently ranking within the top 5 social media platforms to follow, it would be madness to miss out on this opportunity to grow your brand.

By joining communities relevant to your business and engaging in other users posts, it’s possible to build up a large and loyal following. In return, you will see your traffic grow considerably even if you’re only posting on the community boards 2-3 times a week! So below are a few simple tips to ensure you are using Google + to the best of it’s abilities.

Optimise Your Profile

You need to view this like a Facebook business page, with a great profile picture and a stand out cover photo. After all, you’re competing with millions of other users on this platform. Have you ever spoken at an event? Then use the photos as a cover. It will show you as a ┬áleader, brimming with confidence and a large following. ┬áJust as vital is to ensure you add your brands story.

Follow Others

Social media etiquette’s general rule is if you follow, they will follow back. Trust me, on Facebook business pages, Instagram and Twitter, this has been tried and tested and proven to work time and time again. It will be a very long process if you just post content and gain a few followers a week compared to actually sourcing out relevant people. Handy tip – under the ‘find people’ tab on Google +, you can click on ‘added you’ and follow all of your followers in bulk rather than individually.

Join Communities

This has to be how we achieved our largest source of traffic. The larger the community, the more traffic you are likely to receive. Take Google + Small Business Community for example, they have nearly 1 million followers! We just need to follow some basic rules, posting multiply times a day on this community can be seen as spam and you risk being permanently blocked. This community will also be moving soon to its own separate website but you can still currently post on here and reap the rewards of a fantastic blog post. Preferably one that will give the reader handy information, ‘How to’s’ and lists. To much self promotion will just put people off following you. No one likes an ego!

Post Everyday

There is a difference in hounding a certain community everyday and engaging with your readers and responding to their comments. Just like Twitter, to ensure you stay relevant, we need to post everyday, just a simple status or to answer a question. After all, the more active you are, the more you will appear in feeds. To gain as much exposure as possible, on the days you are NOT posting content, I recommend posting under the ‘Public’ tab.

Use Hashtags

It’s hard to post on any social media platform today without using a hashtag and for good reason. Hashtags can dramatically increase your exposure and can reach your target market all in one hit. Research the best hashtags for your business and use 2-3 per post. Anyone searching for these hashtags will find your content in the feed under these keywords.

Mention Influencers

By tagging influencers in your post, it’s possible they will share your content or their followers will start to follow you too. Ensure you’re aware of all the trending topics and hashtags, drop in a comment on the influencers posts on a regular basis to gain much needed attention to your newly created profile.

Completely clueless when it comes to Google +? Are you still unsure how to market your brand and to target your audience? Don’t have the time to create engaging and unique content to drive the traffic you so desperately need? The get in touch with Designated Pas social media team today and pay per hour for us to create and manage your Google + account.