Designated PA have achieved some fantastic results within our 5 month marketing campaign and we have definitely seen a surge in traffic and client sign ups. However, results do take time depending on how much you are willing to invest on a daily basis.


I’ve seen multiple promises on Pinterest and Twitter guaranteeing 100,000 plus page views in a month, but realistically speaking, this is simple not viable unless you are willing to roll your sleeves up, and put some serious hours in.

So below are a few tried and tested methods we have used PROVEN to increase traffic, engagement AND client interest.

Twitter Daily Trends

Search for the key trending topics of the day to achieve the most engagement. Have you ever wondered why a hairdresser will use a hashtag like #presidentobama for the opening of their salon? They are hardly related are they? The reason being, #presidentobama would of been what we call a ‘trending hashtag’.

Trending hashtags are described as the most popular subjects discussed on Twitter. Trending topics can involve a variety of topics covering politics, the entertainment industry, other current and world issues and even everyday mundane things. By using a trending hastag, it is likely the hair salon will receive more views and engagement.

To find trending hastags, simply log in to Twitter using your desktop, and below your profile picture, you will see the Trends title. Designated PA use #mondaymotivation every week with a funny meme which has been highly successful. In fact, our tweets that receive the highest engagement, are motivational, inspiring or personal.

So if your son just won the 100 metres in his school sports day, Tweet it! You’ll be surprised by how much engagement it receives. Be PERSONABLE.



Have A Content Marketing Strategy For EVERY Post

But what do we mean by EVERY post? For example, Designated PA have multiple Twitter accounts. We would not market an events tweet in the same way we would market a tweet on medical secretaries. We would review the following for each post;

  • The target market – Which country?
  • Facebook – Which would be the most relevant groups?
  • Linkedin – Would we share a medical blog post to an events group? Of course not! 
  • Would this post be suitable for Instagram? 

As you can see, depending on which market you are targeting, each blog post may differ. I would suggest joining different Google +, Facebook and Linkedin groups relevant to your blog post topics. In this way, we can ensure we are targeting the correct audience thus achieving the highest amount if engagement.

Part 2 will be released next Monday!

So you understand the importance of creating unique, highly engaging content but you just don’t have the time for it? Maybe you have the content, but you’re not sure how to market it and to whom? Get in touch with our experienced digital marketing team today for a quick chat and let’s get that business blog up and running!

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