Want to know how we doubled our traffic in 6 months?  I have lost count of the amount of posts I have come across hooking me in with an incredible title promising an increase in traffic and leads, but with little to none visible proof available.

How we doubled our traffic

I feel that transparency is incredibly important when your are trying to back up your theory, especially when using a title such as ‘ How To Double Your Traffic’!  Because of this, I have included our data taken from our google analytics over the last 6 months since we started our business blog back in the beginning of May 2016.

Might I just add that this was all done without any paid traffic or google adds! 



A more in depth look…..


We also managed to DOUBLE our targeted London Audience!


AND our UK traffic;


When it came to increasing our social media presence, we saw a 3,000% PLUS increase!


As for organic traffic, once again a fantastic result;


But HOW did we manage such an extraordinary increase in traffic?

This is how we achieved it;

  • Created a business blog
  • Posted valuable content 3 times a week
  • Created highly shareable Infographics
  • Created ‘How To’ content rather than trying to cold sell
  • Joined relevant Facebook business groups and Google Plus groups to share our content
  • Tweeted 3 x a day

Our leads have been steadily increasing thanks to these marketing procedures and we are currently more than doubling them on a monthly basis (although some info we will keep to ourselves when it comes to our clients!)

Do you want to know more? How to create a business blog? How to double your Pinterest following? What about the 5 biggest content marketing mistakes?

Everything we have learn’t to create such incredible results can be found in our popular small business blog!

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