Did you know that over 50% of small businesses do not have a website! 

When questioned, the main reasons seem to be;

  • 76% of small business owners are over 45, and not all tech savvy
  • It seems too expensive, complicated, time-consuming, etc.
  • They’re “doing just fine without it” or they’ve “never needed one before”
  • They use google adds, so no need for a website

True, where some may advertise their businesses on Google in the form of paid ads with just their address and phone number, setting up your own website and hosting it can cost as little as £6 a month! Designated PA has also proven that by creating content targeted at your ideal market, you can increase your brand presence and your leads WITHOUT paid adds!

Put simply, a website makes you accessible around the clock and avoids missed opportunities, and gives your business credibility. So what are the 3 simple steps to create your own website?

Choose And Register Your Domain

The first step is choosing your domain name, for example, www.designatedpa.com. It’s a good idea to choose words in your domain name that reflect your business. For example, we offer executive PA support so we chose the words designated and PA.

Remember, if it’s not available you can always look into using alternatives such as www.designatedpa.info or www.designatedpa.net.

Once you have chosen your domain name, you need to find a host. A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organisations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web. Hosting packages start from as little as £2.75 a month. To compare, click on this link.

Website Content

A small business website generally uses the same format with around 4/5 pages. These will include, the about section, the price section, the products/services section and the contact section.

It’s also important to tie in any company social media accounts to your homepage, preferable at the top right corner. One of the first things I do –  if I want to purchase from a fairly new company –  is research their social media presence and customer reviews. So if you already have testimonials, it’s worth using them in your content and creating that 5th page!

Ensure your address and phone number is written into your content rather than using an image. This will ensure the search engines can find your business.

Building Your Website

This can be an incredibly daunting experience but thanks to websites builders such as Wix and WordPress, you can create a website with minimal fuss thanks to free, theme templates.

The other option is to hire a website developer. Packages range from around £200 – £500 in the London area. This choice is more expensive but can be tailored to your needs and it’s unique to your company. The other option is to hire a web developer from Upwork, and pay them by the hour.

Website Support

Do you need someone to reply to your website queries and provide call backs? Are you looking to expand your business and hire exceptionally experienced virtual assistants reputable PA company? Then take a look at our simple

Then take a look at our simple price packages, cancel at any time.

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