A media pack is used as a direct sales tool to target your chosen market and also for PR purposes. It will include all aspects of your business and should be seen like a resume for your site. Unlike the traditional email, media packs create a more enjoyable viewing experience with sleek, sophisticated design. Simply put, would you rather read a long, drawn out email or a visually alluring magazine?

So how do we go about creating a media pack and what information should I include? Let’s take a look below at a simple media pack format.

Introduce Your Business

Remember, you are trying to aim for your target market here, not just a general introduction. Inform the reader who you are, what the purpose is of your business and the benefits of using your products. How do your products differ from other competitors on the market? Where are you located?

Mission Statement 

This is the heart and soul of your company within one engaging paragraph. Differentiate yourself from your competitors and sound unique. For example, if I was purchasing a large amount of paper for printing, there are multiple companies to choose from. But a company that brands themselves as Eco-friendly and uses recycled paper would probably sway me above all others. As a guide, here are the 4 questions to create your mission statement.

  • How do we do it?
  • Whom do we do it for?
  • What value are we bringing?
  • What can we uniquely provide over all others?

Add Testimonials

Testimonials are an incredible marketing tool and add a sense of credibility to your website. Fantastic testimonials can be the deciding factor on whether the customer will go ahead and purchase from you. As guidance, try to answer the below 4 questions in your testimonials.

  • The problem the customer had
  • Other solutions they tried which failed
  • What solution YOU provided for them
  • The outcome

Services Offered & Prices

We could split this into 2 different sections but you have a limited amount of time to engage with the customer before they will stop reading your Media pack, roughly 20 seconds in fact! That’s why it’s so important to be as transparent as possible. Think about answering the below questions.

  • Has your product received great online reviews? Maybe it’s even been written about or is an award-winning service like Designated PA? Include the reviews next to your product/service – ‘As seen in’ etc.
  • Use power words to increase sales and make your sentences more punchy. Endorsed, Certified, Authentic etc.
  • Add facts about your product. Does your printer use less cartridge ink but still has the same high quality finish as more expensive printers on the market?
  • For pricing, ensure you have thoroughly researched the market and your competitors prices. Extortionate prices without an incredible product will just make your customers purchase elsewhere.

Processes & Contact Details

Vital information for the customer, do you have specific processes set up? How long will your product take to deliver? After they have purchased, what will happen next? Will you contact the customer within 24 hours? Do they download the product and is there a user guide?

For your contact details, we want more than just a phone number and address. Are you on Linkedin? Facebook and Twitter? Do you have a Pinterest account? What about your email address?

The Design

The design will quite simply make or break your product. The whole point of creating a media pack is a direct way of selling to your customers WITHOUT the conventional email. Think of how eye-catching infographics are. In fact infographics are the most shared content on the internet and for good reason! As humans, 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. So to create your presentation, you can use Powerpoint, Photoshop or simply hire a designer.

Does all this seem a bit complicated and very time-consuming? Are you lost for words when it comes to your mission statement and creating highly engaging content?  Would you like us to create a media pack for you? Then get in touch with our award- winning PAs today at Designated PA.