The core skills of a successful business blogger is knowing how to create compelling and engaging content on a consistent basis. We are aiming for at least 3 short posts a week, 500 words maximum.

Before you start writing, a great idea is to use the 80/20 content rule. That is 80% of the content should hold something of value to the reader and the other 20% should be focused on the sales aspect.

We want to educate the customer on the benefits of our products before we push them for the hard sale. So we need to think about answering certain questions in our blog post too. What is the difference between our product and the competition? Why should they trust us? How will our product or service improve their lives?

The next part is the emotional side of the sale. It has been proven that customers are more likely to buy when they felt emotion towards a product or service. Think of it just like an incredible TV advert. It can be anything from dog food to a short weekend break! But these adverts try to create emotion to encourage you to buy.

Take a look below at some of the tips we advise you to incorporate into your blog posts.


    • Create Emotion –  The most shareable content on Pinterest ignites one of the following emotions. Surprise, fear, joy, sadness, anger, or disgust.
    • Useful – Why is this blog post so valuable? Ultimately how will your service/product make my life easier?
    • A Catchy Title –  Titles simply sell the content. ‘How to ‘ posts are very popular for example, another example would be ’10 reasons why you shouldn’t ………..’. Need ideas? Then think about using a title generator. 
    • SEO – Try to be as specific as possible with your keywords. If you need assistance with SEO, then look to download a wordpress Plug in such as Yoast. 
    • Informative – Add a fact here, for example, if I were to write a blog post about why a customer should buy my photos, I would add an interesting fact. ‘Did you know that 90% of the transmitted information in the human brain is visual’ 
    • Images – Taking the above fact, we can see how a great image can be a large factor in closing that sale. It also helps to break up the monotony of long paragraphs. Try taking a look at Canva, a fantastic platform with templates specifically for Twitter, Pinterest and the added option to add text to your image.
    • Call To Action – All of your blog posts should be posted on social media using the correct Hashtags for your business AND a call to action. Did you know that a simple ‘Click To Learn How’ can increase your blog post engagement x 3?

The thought of creating 3 unique and engaging posts a week bringing you out in a cold sweat? Then get in touch with one of our content experts at Designated PA and let us create highly engaging content for you!