Twitter can seem like a very daunting place for the novice. Hashtagging, impressions, engagement and links all fitted into 140 characters?

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who’s confused. Around 80% of B2B companies admitted to sporadic tweeting, without much thought on tweet formula.

So how can we learn to use hastags, links AND images all in 140 characters? Read on to learn how to craft the perfect tweet!

The following information is based on data collected from over 100 top global brands.

Hastags & Links

Include hashtags AND links to improve the overall success and engagement of any tweet. To shorten a long URL and make room for more text, try using Bitly. If you would like a list of business hastags, click here.

Longer Tweets

Brand tweets that use over 120 characters, are outperforming tweets with under 60 characters by a 1/3 when it comes to engagement. So make best use of the characters given, with either a handful of hashtags thrown in or a link.

Call To Action

Does your tweet contain a call to action? Preferably with the word click? Then you will receive on average 35% more engagement that tweets without. Do you need help with creating call to actions visitors just HAVE to click? Then click here to read our top 4!


Top brands will tweet 1-5 times a day, using key posting times. At Designated PA, we average around 3-4 tweets a day and we also ensure we tweet on weekends to prevent a lull in impressions. Would you like to know the best times to post and drive engagement? Click here!

Include Pictures

Did you know that 93% of our communication takes place visually? That’s why using a tweet with an image can increase engagement by up to 50%! Would you like to see how visuals can help to create fantastic business content too? Click here for a guide on how to craft the perfect blog post.

Overloading Hashtags

Any tweet with more than 2 hastags can receive up to 32% LESS engagement! So ensure the ones you use will reach your target market.

At Designated PA, we understand the value of social media and how reaching out and engaging with a target market can massively increase your leads.

Our team of expert digital marketers have proven results managing clients twitter accounts, and creating engaging content you just HAVE to click! Isn’t it time you gave your small business the social media attention it deserves?

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