Any good social media manager will tell you how difficult it is to cram everything into an 8 hour day. Any honest social media manager will also tell you that their day definitely doesn’t start and finish 9-5. From keeping ahead of industry trends and overnight platform changes to calming a community and preventing a pr nightmare, the work of a Social Media Manager never stops. Many people see the posts in their feeds from brands and influencers, but very often don’t realise the work that goes into putting that post there.

I’m Jade. One of the marketing managers here at designated with a strong focus on social media. Here’s what an average day looks like for me working remotely for several clients.

Morning: Checking channels, scanning news sites, client calls, content planning

7.30 am: Being an early riser means I get a headstart on the day. I find that this is a great opportunity to check my channel notifications, emails, and WhatsApp giving them a quick scan for anything urgent that needs my attention early on.

8:15 am I start today with an early client call to fit in with their busy schedule, I am always happy to adjust my day to be flexible.

9:00 am I love spending time reading community messages, I personally take a tone-for-tone approach, having fun where possible! It is a social platform after all!

9:30 am Time to spend half an hour looking through industry news platforms and checking in on a few popular social media industry experts to see if there is anything that I need to be aware of. In our industry things can change fast and current trends need to be jumped on FAST! Before you know it, the world will have moved on…

10.30 am Time to start strategizing. Normally content will be planned, created, and scheduled 4-6 weeks in advance, with slots for spontaneity, but with the current global pandemic everything can change, so we try to keep our content as fresh and relevant as can be.

12 pm Now that I know where I am headed for the next month, I feel relaxed and can start working with creative ideas for some upcoming social content. Each of our clients has a unique look and feel as well as a distinct tone of voice, and this all needs to come across in our creative assets.

12:45 Time for some lunch, or is it breakfast? It was a busy morning that I skipped it, but will have a hearty, healthy meal to keep me going throughout the day! Normally I end up working at my desk but today I’m heading out for half an hour to enjoy some fresh air and a brisk walk.

Afternoon: paid social strategy, building bespoke audiences, A/B testing, monthly reports, community management

14:00 I’ve had a great break and come back with some exciting ideas, I’m feeling refreshed and ready to tackle some paid advertising. I have a client that is really interested in paid social and I’m keen to show them the benefits of a paid social media strategy in their marketing plan. Organic social is great but you can have so much fun with paid, reach new audiences and really get the word out about your brands.

15:30 Now that I’ve finished the set up for the new ads, building bespoke audiences, writing an engaging copy, setting up tracking links, and ensuring landing pages are fulfilling a smooth user experience, it’s time for me to optimise my other clients existing ads to ensure they are spending well and are reaching the right kinds of people. There are many measures of success from engagement, to video views, social reach to link click-through rate. All of our current clients have different preferences but we can look at the campaigns holistically to ensure our clients know what really Is working well, as opposed to vanity metrics that just sound good.

16:00 Part of my methods for a strong social strategy is A/B testing. I dedicate time every other day looking at campaigns and results to determine which content generates the most engagement for our clients, from copy length, creative styles, calls to action, and landing pages. This ensures that I am confident when discussing the various options with clients and making educated decisions on their behalf.

17:00 One of my favourite parts of the job is the monthly reporting. No seriously! This is my opportunity to highlight the great work the team has done throughout the month, a chance for the client to see across the board, where they have had the most exposure and what has been the most impactful.  

18:00 Before logging off, I just have a chance to check how today’s content is doing and answer any late community messages, you can normally gauge whether a post is going to be successful in the first hour or two after posting. It is so important to pick the right time to post social content, if your community is not online till 5 pm…then there is no point appearing in their feeds before then. My ‘work day’ is done, but social media is always on.

So there you have it…

An average day of keeping things moving forward for a handful of clients. Some days are busier and we delve deeper into things like hashtag strategies, google search and display campaigns, organic growth tactics for Instagram, or social listening to tap into relevant consumer conversations. But that’s why we love it, every day is different, and working online allows us to feel connected to other humans, breaking down barriers and building authentic relationships in a time when we need it most.

If you want to know more about how our team can take over the social media minefield for you, just pop a message to Hannah, our client relationship manager who would be more than happy to talk you through some of our flexible marketing and social media packages.