It comes as no surprise that content marketing has once again been predicted, as one of the top marketing trends for 2017.

As a proven way to engage with your customer base, increase subscription sign ups and dramatically increase your traffic, no wonder so many startups and small businesses are jumping on the band wagon. A whopping 93% in fact!

But what are the benefits? 

  • Content can build a loyal following
  • It can make your brand an authority
  • Unique content greatly improves your SEO, thus your organic traffic over time
  • Leads to a large rise in leads

Designated PA can personally testify to a massive increase on our year on year traffic, thanks to our successful business blog offering marketing tips to startups and small businesses. Our subscriptions in fact have more than doubled and our leads are coming in thick and fast.

What’s not to love?

So let’s take a look at the top 10 content marketing tips for startups and small businesses!

Turn Your outbox Into Blog Posts – Take a look at your outbox and source any customer queries regarding your products, and answer them in a form of a blog post. Which are the most popular queries? Questions on delivery times? How long does the product last? The money back guarantee?

Use a .com Website – 84% of the top ranking pages use a .com to market their services or products and appeal to a mass global market.

Add Value To Your Posts – We all want to promote our services and products, but who likes to read self promotion on a constant basis? This approach is guaranteed to distance your customer base, so try adding something of value to the mix. How about a post for startups on how to create a simple marketing plan? How to create a business account for Pinterest? You get the idea, now how about a brainstorming session? See if you can find at least 20 blog post titles that contain USEFUL information for the reader, with your product/service in mind.

Guest Post – Perhaps one of the most popular and sought after ways to increase your traffic AND your domain authority. Guest posts can be time-consuming and you can expect a lot of knock backs before hitting gold, but gold it is. Expect a substantial increase in traffic AND your D.A if you manage to link to a medium-sized business.

Blog Consistently – According to Hubspot, 82% of businesses acquired a new customer by blogging more than twice a week, compared to businesses that just blogged once a month.

Use Share Buttons – If your site is hosted by wordpress, you can download add-ons such as share buttons for your content. This allows your readers to share information they find appealing through popular social media channels such as Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook.

Create A Content Strategy – It’s vital you have in place some form of strategy as to how often you post and how to measure the results. For example;

  • How many days a week will you post and on what days?
  • Are you targeting the correct customer base?
  • Which is the most popular monthly blog post?
  • Do you check daily your analytics to understand where your traffic is coming from?
  • Are your posts informative? Do they add value?

By now we have ascertained just how important content marketing is to the growth of all startups and small business. The thing is, content marketing takes time AND marketing of the post to multiple social media platforms.

So how about OUTSOURCING your content? 

For just a few hours a week, Designated PA can create unique and appealing blog material, proven to drive traffic AND market it to your social media channels. Why not get in touch today and let’s get you on the blogging map of success! Contact 020 7952 1460 or email for more information.