We offer you are proven productivity tips following the news in a recent article, Forbes announced that people who now admit to wasting time at work every day has reached a whopping 89% (up more than 20% than the year before)

The main culprits zapping our productivity include;

  • Smoking
  • Internet Use
  • Social Media On Phones
  • Smoking 
  • Gossipping 

Of course, it’s only natural to need to take a step back and review the tasks set for the day, or clear our minds by taking a quick break. But is there a more productive way of doing it without banning phone use and social media?

6 Proven Productivity Tips

Below are our top 10 productivity tips

  • Complete Your Most Dreaded Tasks In The Morning

    First of all, we set aside creating our blog posts for Monday and Wednesday mornings. We find ourselves eager to take on the work at hand on a Monday, and target driven for the week ahead. This helps us to set the pace for what’s to come. We also know on a Friday evening what we will post on Monday morning so we are prepared.

  • Plan Your Shopping List For The Week

My life consisted of microwave meals or expensive lunches out in my previous job. A £7 lunch soon turns into a £210 at the end of the month, money I could have spent on a short weekend away! By being more consistent with my meal plans and eating times, I found I procrastinated less at work about what to eat tonight or where to go for lunch.

  • Midday Exercise

Ok, so joining the lunchtime running group was a bit too extreme for me but I always made sure I headed to the local park every lunchtime.  I’d simply take a deep breath and relax, completely removing myself from the office environment and that pile of paperwork on my desk! I found I came back refreshed, with more determination to finish the afternoon on a high.

  • Outsource As Much As Possible

If you are a busy C.E.O of a rapidly growing startup, there will come a time when you simply CANNOT complete daily mundane tasks, as you need to focus on key decisions for the companies future. This is where outsourcing can come in. No need to hire a full timer on your limited staffing budget, just hire a designated personal assistant for 2 hours a day to complete the basic admin work.

  • Auto Pay Your Bills 

I had multiple payments to make each month and would waste hours literally working out my budget for the month and reevaluating it if I went over. By ensuring you have direct debits set, you will no longer miss a payment or have an unexpected expense putting you in arrears for the month.

  • Limit Information Overload 

In a large corporate company, you can easily waste an hour in the morning catching up with endless emails which will not effect your department in the slightest! Only read what you have to take action on NOW! Also try to avoid distractions such as reading 3 newspapers a day, mindless internet surfing for that birthday present you need the weekend and trying to keep track of 4 Whatsapp conversations. Isn’t your brain overloaded enough without adding to it? Use your breathing space wisely.

Are you looking to expand your business?  Follow our productivity tips and outsource your administration to exceptionally experienced virtual personal assistants from an award winning and reputable PA company. Then take a look at our simple price packages.. Change plans or cancel at any time and let’s ease you back into productivity.

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