Successful entrepreneurs may be different from one another when it comes to their chosen market, but they all have one thing in common. They use the same business habits to drive forward their brand and increase their sales and productivity.

If the below VITAL steps seem somewhat exhausting and time consuming, its well worth considering hiring a virtual PA for just a couple of hours a day. Let us give you back your time.

  •  USE your business cards! When it comes to net working, handing out your business cards pretty much guarantees a look in on your website. Yes, even your competitors, and this means MORE traffic from reputable brands.
  • CREATE a blog focusing on trending topics and helpful information to keep the reader coming back for more. We do not ask for the sale first, we educate the customer on the product and the benefits, then we reap the rewards.
  • READ a book from an expert in your field.  For example, Daniel Priestly built a multi-million dollar event marketing and management business before the age of 25. Inspiration leads to productivity.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA – Why do you think 80% of the top 100 fortune companies are using at LEAST 1 social media platform? From finding new business connections on Linkedin to promoting your brand to a targeted audience on Facebook. This habit is a MUST if you wish to grow your brand.
  • NEWSLETTER – Using the 80% education/ 20% sales ration, you will need to entice potential clients to subscribe to your newsletter before asking for the hard sale. Why? As we want to offer them something of value and build relationships with them. This will ensure repeat business in the future.
  • ENGAGE with your potential customers. Listen to them. What are they asking for? Which ‘how to’ posts gain the most interest on Twitter? Connect with them and SOLVE their problems using your product and its benefits.