Content marketing is simply an unavoidable topic in 2016, and for good reason. Once widely regarded as a voicing platform for bloggers, businesses are now jumping on the bandwagon, all hoping to achieve brand prominence in an already over saturated market.

So how do you create infectious content that stands out?

First of all, let’s take a look at the 5 BIGGEST content marketing mistakes to avoid!

Market Research – You would of thought this would be fairly obvious, but it’s astonishing how many small businesses and startups push out content with no obvious thought to their target market. As a rule of thumb, remember to ‘Write for your customer, not for yourself!’ Honestly assess your product/service and try to clearly answer the following 5 questions to set you on your way;

  • Where does your audience reside? In the UK? Globally?
  • What is the average age you wish to target? A male or female audience?
  • How do you differentiate to your competitors?
  • What are the key benefits of having your product/service in my life?
  • Where can you find your audience? Facebook, Twitter or maybe Linkedin?

Avoid Over Pitching – Pick the right time to ask for the sale. Your customers should be able to have a thorough understanding of your product, how it works and the benefits it can bring BEFORE you kick in with the ‘BUY NOW!’. Ask yourself this, would you seriously consider spending a considerable amount of money on a product/service before you even know what it does? And what about the brand? Are they recognised? Are they trustworthy?

Call To Action – Similar to pitching, a call to action is simply the ‘next step.’ Whether that be a call back, a subscription to a newsletter, or a discount offer on a service. It’s using the sales funnel technique to gently lead your customer to the purchase without asking for the sale in one blog piece! Which method would YOU prefer?

Engagement is Everything – So you’ve published your first piece of marketing content on your businesses social media channels. Now you can just sit back, relax, and wait for the orders to come in right? Not exactly. It’s highly likely your customers will have concerns or questions they which to ask, so learn how to pacify them. Regularly check your shares and likes, and ask for their opinion, read the feedback and ENGAGE!

Consistency – Whoever spoke the words ‘consistency is key’ is probably a self made millionaire by now. It accounts for everything when it comes to content. You should be aiming for at least 3 blog pieces a week between 500- 1000 words. Trust me, I have seen the effect this has had on our own traffic at Designated PA. We had a 200% increase in our visitors last month compared to the previous year. All mainly due to our small business and startup blog we started in May this year. Try to use social media schedulers such as Hootsuite to publish your content to multiple media channels all in one click, best of all, it’s free!

So you understand the importance of creating unique, highly engaging content but you just don’t have the time for it? Maybe you have the content, but you’re not sure how to market it and to whom? Get in touch with our experienced digital marketing team today for a quick chat and let’s get that business blog up and running!

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