FACT – 55% of visitors spend fewer than 15 seconds on your website

That’s why it’s so crucial for small businesses selling a product/service to have a call to action on their website. A call to action leads to conversions, and without them, it’s likely the visitor will take a quick glance at your services and leave.

Blog posts in particular have a high bounce rate, unless you can lead the reader to click on a offer for a fantastic service or product.  But how do you encourage your viewers to act?

1. Offer them something in return

‘Subscribe today to receive our free E-Book on simple startup marketing tips!’

I regularly click on call to action if it offers me a free product or service, but most will read like the below, lacking in urgency and creativity.

‘Sign up today to be notified of new blog posts’

Unless the blog post offers something of value to me EVERY TIME, I will not follow-up on it. Who wants to receive more junk mail after all?

Action – Create a call to action using powerwords to entice the customer to click and convert!

2. Use a pop up box with your call to action

Using the fact that 97% of the information the brain receives is visual, create a pop up box with an image. Personally, I use mailchimp. It offers multiple templates, colours and font sizes. Be careful choosing how often the pop up should rotate.

There is nothing more frustrating than opening up a blog post to read an article, with a pop up within the first few seconds. How will they know if they wish to subscribe if you don’t give them the chance to read your article in the first place? I tend to go for the 60 second rule.

Action – Download the mailchimp add-on for wordpress. Create a call to action using an image. 

3. For a limited time only!

Another popular, proven sales technique is to add a sense of urgency.

‘Download our free E-book TODAY! For a limited time only!

Very simple yet effective. This doesn’t give the visitor a chance to walk away and think about it, possibly returning to the page at a later date  which is unlikely. We have to download it NOW or we will miss out, and what if it could be useful in the future?

Action – Ensure your call to action has a time limit on it

4. Colours that convert

Red for example, is viewed as ‘danger’ and ‘stop’, but researchers at Durham university also discovered that;

We find that wearing red is consistently associated with higher probability of winning,”

Red demands attention and is one of the most widely used colours in marketing. Trying to build trust in your brand? Then try using dependable blue instead.

Action – Research which colour would be best for your site, based on their psychological meanings. Here’s a link to assist you.

Would you like us to create call to actions for you? How about creating your own unique pop ups including images? For any assistance in your marketing needs, get in touch today with our experienced digital marketing executives!