Exceptional service requires the selection of the best team.

At Designated we know that delivering an exceptional service is a true team effort and requires the selection of the best team members, with each person contributing their best effort and working successfully together to deliver an exceptional service.

Our Designated HR and Recruitment team can help you to recruit, manage and develop your support team.

HR & Recruitment Services


When you are ready to recruit a team to join you in achieving your business goals, your HR manager will be on hand to assist you with the recruitment process, helping to write job descriptions, assessing applicants, managing initial interviews and creating a short list of great candidates for you.

They will manage all aspects of the recruitment process on your behalf from start to finish saving you time.

HR Management

Your HR Manager will help you to create an induction process that ensures new team members are well supported as they embed into your business and have complete clarity on their role. Whilst we do not believe in creating bureaucracy, employment contracts and your company handbook are essential, and we can support you with their creation.

  • Company handbook
  • Employment contracts
  • Job descriptions
  • Performance management system
  • Appraisals
  • Salary reviews

HR Systems & Processes

We recommend the use of Charlie HR which is a HR system suited to companies employing up to 150 employees. Charlie HR provides an easy way to manage holidays, performance management and all administrative aspects of HR. We can also support you with the financial responsibilities of payroll, pensions etc.

Your Designated HR manager will be here to support you long term on a flexible basis whether you need one day each month, one day each week or more.

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