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What we do

 We work closely with you to help manage and organise your day to day so you can stay creative. We love the boring admin and financial administration


Manage diary

We help to manage your time so you remain productive and have the space to think creatively. 


Your Virtual PA can help keep your
inbox clear and act on your behalf to keep ahead of the game!

Check on the numbers

Let our bookkeepers keep track of the financial admin, so you can do what you do best. 


We know you dont enjoy ‘the admin’ – but we love it. Let us take this off your hands.

Our work

The very nature of our work means we complement clients working in the creative sector. We manage the mundane whilst you stay creative!








Media & PR





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Call and talk to Sophie our Head of Client Services who can talk to you in detail about how we can help and how we work.

Duncan White

Duncan White

Founder, Avocet Furniture

PA Support 

“The job of running a small business is tough. Focusing on your offering should be the priority, but often it’s all the bits and pieces that are the most time consuming. Since getting a Designated PA to help with all administrative tasks, things are so much more organised. My PA has become a core part of the team without me having the hassle and cost associated with taking on another staff member. Put simply, my Designated PA has become an indispensable essential!” Virtual PA Reviews

Nikki de Marchi

Nikki de Marchi

Swimwear Designer and Founder

PA Support

“Time-consuming activities like order management, stock control, fulfilment and administration are now managed directly by my PA, which means I don’t have to worry about it. Quite simply, they have enabled me to get my life back.”

Lizzie Edwards

Lizzie Edwards

Stylist and Founder

PA Support

“My Designated PA is essential to the smooth running of my business. In the last 18 months I have built up a team of 3 senior stylists and my PA is in touch with them more than I am! She is great at looking after them and making sure they have all the information they need about their clients.This has been important to my business’s growth, as I would not have the time to look after them without her support.”

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Our creative Team 

Our team have some interesting experience in creative industries ranging from fashion, PR, events, brand management and the music industry to name a few.




case study

Romain Pottier, COO

Romain came to Designated in November 2018 requiring a PA that could get up to speed quickly, be proactive and take some administrative tasks off his desk.

“Having someone I totally trust to be on top of the business admin every day means I can focus on growing the business and looking after my clients.”

Let us help you  
Stay creative!

Our business is focussed around people, so when you get in touch you will get to speak to one of our team to discuss how we may be able to help you.