Each year, people continue to comment on ‘baby booms’ and a lack of school places in city schools. With the pressure on both parents in today’s fast paced society to work full time, a lack of suitable places also applies to nursery schools.

Making the decision to leave your precious bundle in the care of a group of strangers for up to 12 hours a day, can be a monumentally challenging and emotional experience. Having to travel miles in order to find a place for your child, as well as choosing a nursery where you feel they will be well cared for and nurtured, adds a great deal of stress and anxiety to overburdened parents.

Thankfully, in Wimbledon, there is light at the end of the tunnel. One of our newest clients, Sam Green, a dedicated and talented young man from Somerset, has launched an inspiring new nursery – The Orchard Day Nursery. He plans to open at least 2 more over the next two years in other parts of South London – potentially in Richmond, Kingston, Putney or Twickenham.

After finishing college at the tender age of 18 (Colyton Grammer School), Sam ventured out on his own and set up a company selling fresh West Country produce. Determined as he was to make the company succeed, the wettest summer in 100 years (good old England!) put paid to his plan, so he chose to help out at the family business, a local nursery, whilst weighing up his options.

During the time he spent at the family nursery, Sam quickly came to realise how much he loved the fundamentals of the profession; he gained various qualifications and became an Early Years Practitioner (EYP). Through an unexpected turn of events, he was thrown in at the deep end, and was left to run both nurseries – with great success!

It was a natural progression for Sam to set up his own enterprise. After moving to London, and a nine-month struggle to find and secure a venue, Sam’s dreams have finally been realised.

On attending the launch of The Orchard Day Nursery on Friday, I was genuinely impressed. The brand new nursery struck me as fresh, bright and exciting. From the gorgeous wooden interior climbing frame, to the tree feature in the extensive reading area, I can honestly report I haven’t ever been in a similar establishment. Another element that differentiates the nursery, is the open plan interior. Universally, nurseries separate children by age group, however, Sam believes that all children should mingle, play and learn together, regardless of age. The ethos behind this is to try to emulate a normal home environment, where siblings of various ages would naturally mingle, play and interact together.

The Orchard Day Nursery boasts a high standard of care and attention. They also offer very flexible hours, nutritious homemade meals, prepared in a state of the art open kitchen, outside space and personable, approachable staff. If you would like to find out more, please visit www.orchard-day-nursery.co.uk or send any enquiries to hello@orchard-day-nursery.co.uk