Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your company?

I’m Rebecca Morley, Founder at Rebecca Morley Coaching. I started my company 2 years ago at the same time as I had my little boy Alfred. I decided to use my many years of experience improving businesses from the inside to help small businesses who want to scale and grow.  I now help small business owners feel confident about growing their business and taking it to the next level by helping them to develop brilliant leadership skills and supporting them to optimise every element of their business. I like to think I move them from startup to grown up. 

How has your Designated PA contributed to any of your recent successes?

Designated PA has given me flexible and targeted help exactly when I’ve needed it and made my life much easier in the process.

How does your Designated PA help you on a day to day basis?

I don’t use Designated PA on a day to day basis but that’s the beauty of it. Because they have such a wide range of skills and expertise, I can call on them when I need help and they can always deliver what I need. 

What is a typical working day like for you?

I don’t have a typical working day and that’s one of the best things about the way I work. My days are made up of a mixture of writing blogs and articles, coaching sessions with clients, events and workshops and I’m also currently developing an online programme for small business owners who are missing having a boss.  

What’s your biggest achievement so far?

In the life of my business I’ve also coached a lot of mums returning to work after maternity leave, as I saw a need for this kind of support when I was a new mum myself. The thing I’m most proud of on that front is helping someone achieve their 5 year plan in 6 months – and not only that, she ended up with 3 offers for her dream job having gone from thinking she was years from even being able to apply! From a business support point of view, as silly as it sounds, one of my proudest moments was finding enough untapped potential in someone’s profit line in the first 5 minutes of us working together that it covered the whole programme cost.  

What success do you still strive for?

feel as though small business owners especially need the most help to create structure, process and a sustainable business model early on. But not only that, there’s a huge shift in leadership style needed as you move from ‘doing it all’ to ‘running the show’. There’s loads of help out there for startups and obviously masses of management consultants. But I’ve noticed a real gap in the market for my kind of coaching/consultancy support at this growth stage of business when you really need to establish how you’re going to run things ongoing.  I’d like to build a reputation for bridging the gap and making this kind of support really accessible. 

What motivates you?

I’ve always been a high achiever so success and results really drive me. That feeds into wanting to be a really great role model for my little boy. And running my own business hopefully means I can do this whilst also being around for him. That kind of balance is the dream for me! 

Who inspires you and why?

I’m inspired by every single conversation I’ve had with a small business owner who’s taken that leap of faith and decided to make their dream a reality. On top of that, my husband who started his business from literally nothing and is now a successful business owner with a great reputation for ‘getting shit done’! Oh and my little boy who is brave, bold and adventurous and never lets himself be put off if he can’t do it the first time. 

What projects are you working on currently? And which one excites you most?

I’m currently working on my online programme which is launching in January 2018. I’ve spoken to so many small business owners, founders and start-ups and I’ve noticed that one of the things they all have in common is that they miss having a boss! The programme will replicate the relationship you would normally have with your boss with support, leadership coaching and accountability but also with some business coaching and mentoring included. There will also be an exclusive online community to combat the loneliness I’ve often encountered and that many founders tell me they feel. 

What is the hardest thing you have done in your career so far?  

The hardest thing I’ve had to do is put myself out there for all to see! Having come from the cosy community of working life, it’s really daunting to start sharing opinions and advice online. 

Best bit of advice you have received?  

Oooh, that’s a tough one! I think it’s a mantra that my very first coach gave me – no excuses, only choices. Basically, it says that you have a choice in every single thing you do. If you’re late, it’s because you chose not to leave on time. If you can’t do something, it’s because you chose to do something else instead. It’s a great way of reminding yourself that you have personal responsibility, which helps you feel way more empowered – it’s one of the fundamental pillars of coaching. 

Advice you would give to others? 

Break everything down… your goals, your to-do list, your issues. Break everything down to the smallest chunks you can and then tackle them one by one. You’ll create a feeling of momentum and then you can just keep going. 

Your mentor? 

I’ve had some amazing mentors over the years in business,  but running your own business is a completely different world. I haven’t really found a mentor as such since I’ve been going it alone but I have a great tribe who are all on the same path and we connect and share stories and inspire each other.  I also work with a fantastic coach called Helen Packham who I think probably steps into the realm of mentor quiet often! 

What would you not leave the house without?  

My phone is my life, I know that’s probably a bad thing but it’s got everything I need to run my business from wherever I am! That just wouldn’t have been possible even 10 years ago. 

One rule you live by?  

Trust your instincts. I knew I wanted to run my own business for a long time before I did but the time never felt right. When it did it was a split second decision and, although it looked like a snap decision, I knew it was time. 

What would you not fly without?  

A good book. I read constantly. I’ve always got at least 3 books on the go and I have a kindle in every bag! 

Things you buy in bulk?  

Notepads and propelling pencils. Although I love my phone and my laptop, the ideas flow like magic when I’ve got a pencil and a pad. I also write masses of coaching notes and am always drawing little doodles to show my clients what I’m talking about. 

An amazing fact about Rebecca Morley?  

I used to have an Eddie Stobart lorry named after me! 

Favourite restaurant and why?  

Bibendum – my husband did the refurb and we became really good friends with the team that ran it so we had our wedding reception there in 2014. It’s such a beautiful space and we used people we knew for every single element of the day so it was incredibly personal too. It was nothing short of magical – people are still talking about it now! 

Preferred way to spend Sunday afternoon?  

Muddy walks in Richmond Park with my husband and little boy! Followed by a mega roast and lots of vin rouge! 

Favourite movie or book and why?  

Favourite book, the Magus by John Fowles – totally immersive and bonkers, I still marvel at how you could write that and not lose your mind! 

Favourite city hotel and why?  

The Royal Crescent Hotel in Bath – we go for two nights around Christmas time every year and we are welcomed like family. It’s truly beautiful and we used to live in Bath so it’s a bit like going home (if you lived in the nicest house ever!). 

Preferred form of exercise and why? 

Walking! I used to love running but I slipped a disc a few years ago so now it’s long walks. I try to walk everywhere and often take my clients for a long walk on their first session – I find they open up more when you’re not staring at them! 

–  Rebecca Morley, Founder at Rebecca Morley Coaching

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