Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your company?

I live in London with my husband John and our Shihtzu Loki. I own a style and image consultancy, which I started in 2005. I work with successful women over 35, creating authentic effortless and up-to-date wardrobes to support them in reaching their career and personal goals.

My clients are business owners, executives and leaders. They are successful and confident but have begun to lack confidence in their style and image, and feel that it has begun to hold them back. Many have never been interested in clothes or fashion, and now they are more visible in their career how they present themselves, their ‘personal brand’ has become increasingly important. They realise they are not giving the best impression of themselves, and the amount of unnecessary thinking they have about their wardrobe is becoming stressful or time consuming, and they have more important things to focus on.

I am also sought out by companies who hire me to run workshops around image and personal branding, or 1-1 with an employee whose image has become a barrier to career advancement.

Lizzie Edwards

How has your Designated PA contributed to any of your recent successes?

My Designated PA, Sophie is essential to the smooth running of my business. In the last 18 months I have built up a team of 3 senior stylists and Sophie is in touch with them more than I am! She is great at looking after them and making sure they have all the information they need about their clients.

This has been important to my businesses growth, as I would not have the time to look after them without her support.

How does your Designated PA help you on a day-to-day basis?

Sophie deals with my emails and enquiries from my website. When a new client signs up after a phone consultation with me, she takes over the rest of the process- taking deposits and sending questionnaires, as well as paying bills and sending invoices. Having someone I totally trust to be on top of the business admin every day means I can focus on growing the business and looking after my clients.

What is a typical working day like for you?

If I am working in my home office – which I aim to do 1-2 days a week – I will usually have a couple of enquiry calls with potential clients. I am also currently in the middle of writing my first book, about image and style for women in business, which will be published later this year so I attempt to work on this for a couple of hours a day.

One day a week I will go into the west end and visit shops and do the following weeks shopping prep, business and networking meetings. When I have client days I am either at their home undertaking a wardrobe review or maintenance session, or out shopping with them.

What is your biggest achievement so far?

Having grown a successful styling business, from nothing and still being here 12 years on now with a team of great stylists.

What success do you still strive for?

I would like to create more opportunities to work with more women through public workshops and within corporate training programmes. My passion is to wake more women up to the impact their image can have on their success, that the difference looking good can have to their own confidence to take on new challenges and also to how other people view them.

Style and image does not come naturally to some women, and it can take up valuable headspace that would be better used elsewhere. I want to be able to support more women and take away some of the stress that comes with dressing well for business.

What motivates you?

I love working for myself and running a business, as much as I love being with my clients doing my ‘job’. I am motivated to learn and be open to new areas and ideas. Unlike many, I don’t have a set goal of what I want to achieve. I don’t believe that success is ‘when I’ve done… or achieved…’ I just love seeing what evolves and that’s what motivates me to keep moving things forward and see what happens.

Lizzie Edwards

Who inspires you and why?

Women who challenge themselves to do things, even when they feel vulnerable or fearful inspire me. That can be anything from campaigning for a cause, launching a business or public speaking.

Best bit of advice you have received and would give to someone else?

No one ever said it to me specifically, but its something I’ve come to see more and more – ‘Just do it. Its easy to spend time over analysing and worrying what people think, but really when I get an idea or thought about something that feels right, to just do it and not overthink or worry about the outcome. The outcome isn’t actually the important part, its taking the action than matters and see where it leads

What would you not leave the house without?

Comfortable shoes. Even on the very rare occasion I am not in a pair, I will have some in a bag!

One rule you live by?

Let it go. I don’t let things bother me.

An amazing fact about you?

Not sure its that amazing, but I have a motorbike licence which many find unexpected!

Preferred way to spend Sunday afternoon?

Planting and digging at my allotment. It’s a lot of work, but I love it.

Favourite movie or book and why?

A recent audiobook I enjoyed is ‘Year of Yes’. By Shonda Rimes. It made me want to start saying yes to more things that scare me too.

Preferred form of exercise and why?

I love Pilates and go once or twice a week to a local class. I spend a lot of time on my feet and I often need a good stretch out. I used to have back issues but I don’t anymore.

– Lizzie Edwards

We would like to thank Lizzie for taking the time to talk to us and so glad that with our support business is growing.

If you would like a personal stylist to help you, please get in touch with Lizzie.

Lizzie Edwards

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